Cemetery & Memorial Guides

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We can provide tailor-made itineraries, schedules & guides for specific cemeteries/memorials:-

•  Touring the area and want ideas of where to stop and visit?

•  Visiting a specific cemetery/memorial and would like to know people of note and interest who are buried there?

•  Interested in people with your surname or who lived in your house, your street, your town?

•  Want to know about sets of brothers ( up to 5), fathers and sons who died?

•  Interested in particular regiments or battalions within regiments, medal-winners, poets/writers, sportsmen, 14/15 year olds etc?

•  Want to find memorable inscriptions or unusual regimental badges

Other Theatres of War

Thought about going to Gallipoli? You don’t have to go on an organised tour, we have been many times under our own steam.

We can give you detailed information on travel, where to stay and provide a detailed guide to all the cemeteries.
We can also provide guides to the cemeteries of Italy, Salonika and Malta.

Personal searches are our speciality

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